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What Does Abundance mean to You?  

Abundance comes from excess to what you need or use.  If you look around you will see abundance everywhere.  Take a nature for instance.  Notice the abundance of weeds.  If you plant and Apple seed you don’t get one apple on the tree if help things grow properly, but an abundance of Apple’s.

This principle nature uses is called compounding or leverage.  One seed produces many fruit which produces even more fruit and so on.  And if you do one thing with your money especially and invest it wisely, it will produce income for life and grow each month. 

The Plan for abundance in Your Life is

  1. Plant the right seed.
  2. Nurture, look after and help it grow.
  3. Reap a harvest of Abundance.

    4. Plant some of these new seeds again for the next harvest and grow more.

    We need to give before we get.  Start helping other people and watch what happens to your life.  Abundance is certain when you are thankful for what you have and are doing the right thing.

Abundance basics are as follows:-
1.  You need a plan.  Find the right vehicle or plan to get you from Lack and Limitation to Abundance.
2.  Work out your current situation.  Write it down on paper.  We will look at the financial area for now, but the  principles are the same in all areas of your life.
3.  Workout your destination or ideal lifestyle. Write it down on paper.  Is it to Remove a Problem or reach a Dream?
4.  Work out a budget.  Know what you have to Achieve, Remove Debts and Grow Income and Assets. ( Expenses, income, assets, liabilities )
5. Work out your financial values and your personality type. What is Important to you in handling Money.
6 .  Look at all the ways to earn income.
7.  What is the best way? You either work for money or you get money to work for you.
8.  One Income way is Generate Income.  [Zero Income to high Income] – need effort
9.  Other way is Investment income [High Income to even higher]- need money
10.  Passive income – Generating Income from Initial Investment and Effort and it continuing no matter what you do)
11.  How Passive Income works.
12.  Imagine a lifestyle.



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